small businessAn IMM Small Business Loan may be the answer you are looking for, we have some of the most innovative programs in the industry.

Whether you are seeking something on the smaller side or something a little larger, an IMM Small Business Facilities are very flexible and simple to apply for. Below are the program requirements which show why we refer to this program as our Simplified Loan Program.

No matter if you are looking for Small Business Financing for a Restaurant, for a Construction Business or other options for Financing a Business, IMM Simplified Small Business Loans may have options for you.

And while we are on the topic, I want to take the opportunity to let you know what the general requirements are.


1.  Minimum Sales:  $5000/mo.
2.  Minimum Deposits: 5/mo.
3.  Minimum Credit Score: 500
4.  Time in Business:  6 mo. Min.
5.  NSF/Negative Balance items/days: Maximum  5/mo.

There are some exceptions available to companies in the USA where the owner of the Business has credit scores of over 700.

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